House Bo Inside – Art workshop

House Bo Inside – Art workshop

Dreaming of Art workshop day in idyllic house with stunning city view?

1.Travel -Art -Station at Novi Sad!
Bo.Inside House
Date: 23.06. (june, 23)
Time: 12:00-22:00
All artistic levels are welcome!

Join us at the most beautiful rustic house in Serbia, designed in vintage style and perfect to experiment with creativity as it gives so much inspiration by itself.

We give you the opportunity to experience this unbelievable ambiance and revitalize your skills and mind through creative art workshops, set up for beginners and art professionals to inspire, motivate and reconnect with nature.

People qualified for our Travel-Art- Station have to be:
–        Creative souls
–        Positive orientation
–        Barbecue lovers (salads and fruits included )
–        Passionate about their work (hobby)

You don’t have to pack anything, as we are going to have everything you need for your art experience.

Beo Art House connects all artist and art souls willing to re-imagine our world together.  This drop- in program for adults and children will stimulate communication, collaboration and creativity through fun and art.

Our educators and artists will provide you a guidance and introduce you to a wide range of artistic creativity through  painting, drawing or any art hobby that makes you  feel fulfilled and revitalized.

Free your talent through the use of various combinations of techniques and create a real little artwork. Have fun with making collage with snippets of the magazines and have spontaneous moments where nothing looks matched but perfect, spread your fingers in watercolors , leave your personal impression in an artistic one-day paradise. Focus and paint the perfect nature landscapes or beautiful city panorama of Novi Sad in front of your eyes using oil or acrylic, or play with natural substances and make cosmetics with the special techniques of Parisian natural cosmetic industry.

Not an painting or drawing lover? Have you ever tried clay modeling? It offers a lot of fun, so just feel free and try it.

Magical house Bo.inside will inspire you and make you wonder why haven’t you done this earlier.

Join us and feel the power of your imagination.

What’s on the schedule for this Travel Art Station:

  • Collage technique – making an piece of art by sticking many different pieces of paper, like pages from magazines, newspapers etc. Probably one of the most interesting techniques, also eco-friendly
  • Kroki drawing – combination of recreation and art – an art of making quick drawings, while you’re in the move, always looking for next motivation scene
  • Acrylic / oil painting – main goals are introduction and research for techniques that would perfectly match with your way of seeing the world, and help you express yourself trough one piece of art, that you’ll be proudly showing to the world.
  • Pastel painting (oil and dry pastels) – let that childish inner part of your soul play as long as it wants! Play with colors, use you hands, make a drawing or painting like you did a long time ago, just make it better, and use everything you’ve learned so far.
  • Clay modelling – squeeze that clay, roll it, stretch it, let it take all your stress away, and simply make some beautiful object for everyday use, or some nice present for your loved ones – clay offers so many possibilities – you’ll be surprised!
  • Natural cosmetic production class – Paris feel – you deserve best for you and your family and who can do it better than – YOU Our job is to teach you how to make natural cosmetics for your personal purposes, the one that you’ll be in love with as soon as you start using it.

Participants are free to choose between two payment options: with or without organized transfers.

The offer for Travel-Art-Station with organized transfer is (price on request) EUR per person and includes:

  • Transfer from Belgrade to Novi Sad
  • All material necessities for your art workshop
  • Mentors for all art techniques planned for this day
  • Lunch (barbecue and salads)
  • All day refreshments

The offer for Travel-Art-Station with your own transportation is (price on request) EUR per person and includes:

  • All material necessities for your art workshop
  • Mentors for all art techniques planned for this day
  • Lunch (barbecue and salads)
  • All day refreshments

For friends and families we made special offer: Book with two friends and get 15% discount for for offer without transfer.

Free your imagination and creativity with us! Contact us at and book your place at ART-STATION on June 23.06. Learn how to draw or paint your imagination into a piece of art! Enrollment space is limited, so sign up on time!

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    • Program with transfer
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      Mentors – Artistis
    • Program without transfer
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