Drawing and painting course – Beo Art House

Drawing and painting course – Beo Art House

Develop your artistic side with drawing and painting

Our drawing and painting course for adults is intended for all of you who want to relax, learn the basic painting techniques and develop your creativity. The beginners have the opportunity to get to know the basics of drawing and painting as well as to constantly advance their knowledge. In order to master this skill fully and in detail each lesson lasts three hours.

You will have the opportunity to learn both classic and modern techniques while spending quality time and socializing in the positive surrounding in our workshop.

The Beo Art House center drawing course gives you a unique possibility to spend time with future artists who find this course as important as you do, as well as with professionals in this area.

This workshop is intended for all young and other adults interested in art as a hobby, source of fun and relaxation.

All of you who need advice are welcome. Whether you are interested in painting for beginners, or drawing techniques.

You can always expect a nice word, directions and words of praise from our educators, and if you need an artistic space and material for painting, that is exactly what these workshops are for.

Why should you attend the Beo Art House workshops?

If you are interested in drawing and painting because you’re creative and artistic, but you’re wondering if this is the right place for you, here are a few reasons why the Beo Art House course is so useful:

  •         Drawing and painting is relaxing
  •         You will boost your creativity and discover your artistic side
  •         If you have any painting experience the Beo Art House painting space will surely be appropriate for work
  •         The basic techniques of pencil drawing or advanced painting techniques (if you have some painting experience) are not scary, we will go through them together
  •         The kind Beo Art House educators will help you through every step of drawing and painting
  •         All of the needed material and equipment (canvas, brushes, acrylic or oil based paints….) are included in the course price
  •         The knowledge of these techniques can grow into a profession and even become a source of extra earnings if you wish to do so

Painting and drawing techniques you will learn

The painting and drawing techniques have evolved and changed through history. From the first paintings on the walls of caves, like the Cave of Altamira in Spain, all the way to complex painting techniques of today, more than 40.000 years have passed. Today, even though some techniques may seem simple, they could be the most complicated. Many see a correlation between those and the first drawings created by humans. We’ve started with simplicity, went through complexity and achieved simple ingeniousness.

We can differentiate painting techniques in many ways, according to many factors, but the two most common groups are:

  1.       The paints used (pastel, aquarelle, gouache, tempera, acrylic, oil and others)
  2.       Materials used and the surface on which you’re painting (canvas, paper, stone, glass…)

However if you’re interested in drawing we should mention drawing using pencils, charcoal, ink, chalk, etc.

It is up to you to choose what type of painting or drawing you’re interested in. Whichever you choose we are expecting you and we will gladly give you suggestions and advice about choosing the best technique for beginners.

Material and equipment for painting

Many people decide against pursuing painting because of the expensive materials and tools. However the Beo Art House painting course for adults will provide you with all of the material you’ll need so you don’t have to think about that when you start our course.

You will have all of the tools we use at your disposal, the professional brushes of different sizes and softness, high quality pencils and charcoal and all kinds of canvases and paints.

Our course is organized so our educators can adjust to each beginner individually. It is perfectly normal for people to have different levels of knowledge when it comes to painting and drawing techniques and to not have any previous experience. According to the optimal plan of realization of the program, we guarantee the dedication of our artists-educators, who will lead you through the creative and technical process of painting and drawing.

The Beo Art House is expecting you – welcome!

from 3500 RSD

Material provided

The participants were provided with all the necessary basic materials and accessories to work with.

Workshops are scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (18:00 to 21:00h) and on Saturdays (16:00h to 19:00h).

One class lasts 3 hours.

Tijana Dobrić Gaćić

The mind behind the BAH hobby center and an educator. I am a graphic designer and I’m currently studying painting at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts and I’m coming closer to making my dreams come true. Through many years of working with children and adults I’ve discovered and developed a lot of love towards my work, which is not only love of painting and art, but also an ideal combination of work, hobbies and my life’s calling.

BAH is my baby, it was created thanks to the love and support which was given to me by my loved ones, especially my husband, who is becoming everything I’ve ever dreamed about, and sometimes it seems like he will surpass my dreams and expectations.

Packages for attendees

Choose the right package for you!

Type of class
4 classes9500 RSDThis applies to 4 weeks from the first paid lesson, unless we make a different arrangemet
Seniors8500 RSD
One lesson3500 RSD
4 individual lessonson requestWe make special arrangements for individual lessons depending on the availability of the educators as well as our attendees

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