Decoupage for children

Decoupage for children

Decoupage for children – workshop

Decoupage technique is an art form every child will find interesting, because they will be able to create their own little piece of art in a fun and creative way. In the Beo Art House workshop the children attending will be introduced to the world of decoupage and we will teach them the basic and more advanced techniques.

We also teach them to use many everyday objects and we encourage them to explore their imagination in order to make them more capable to transform their ideas to real accomplishments.

Why is decoupage exellent for children?

Decoupage was created due to the need to replicate Chinese art works in the cheapest possible way. Finding a way to get incredible results with a little effort is in the core of all decoupage techniques. By mastering this art technique your child will develop problem solving skills and will be able to find value *

Decoupage is different from other art forms like singing, painting, playing an instrument etc. because it doesn’t require any talent. Every child can do this! It is very easy to start, materials are easily accessible and the results are noticeable very quickly.

Why should you choose the Beo Art House decoupage workshop for children?

If you think that creating unique things out of everyday objects is something your children would enjoy or if you want your children to develop their imagination and discover their artistic side, here are a few reasons why the Beo Art House decoupage workshop for children is the right choice for you and your children:

  •         The first lesson is completely free and non-binding
  •         The kind Beo Art House educators will help your children through each step of the learning process in a friendly and supportive manner
  •         All of the material and equipment are included in the course price
  •         Your child can choose in which way they want to express their creativity
  •         The children will have the opportunity to spend quality time with their peers in a fun and useful way while creating little works of art out of everyday objects
  •         Aside from developing their imagination they will be able to practice their patience and concentration
  •         The pleasure that comes from controlling the creation process and successfully accomplished task is of fundamental importance for the children’s character development and their work ethic
  •         This decoupage workshop is an amazing way to discover their hidden talents and interests which can become a hobby, and later evolve into a passion and maybe even become their profession
  •         Art has many different forms and your children can choose their favorite

Finally, this fun activity is something you can do together, it could create a special bond between you and your child and you can make memories to last a lifetime. Feel free to contact us for any information, or just come to the free lesson.


Material provided

The participants were provided with all the necessary basic materials and accessories to work with.

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