BAH Experience radionice

BAH experience workshops
19/Nov/2020 at 6pm
2200 RSD
12/Oct/2020 at 6pm
2200 RSD
03/Oct/2020 at 4pm
2500 RSD
2000 RSD
30/Nov/2020 at 6pm
2000 RSD
12/Nov/2020 at 6pm
2200 RSD
16/Nov/2020 at 6pm
2200 RSD
17/Nov/2020 at 6pm
2200 RSD
26/Nov/2020 at 6pm
2000 RSD
Kreativno oslikavanje cveća
28/Oct/2020 at 6pm
2200 RSD
26/Nov/2020 at 6pm
2000 RSD
oslikaj svij set_1_476x318
09/Nov/2020 at 6pm
2600 RSD
10/Nov/2020 at 6pm
2200 RSD
23/Nov/2020 at 6pm
2200 RSD

Do you want to decorate your home with your own works of art, but you never tried to do so? The BAH team is offering a possibility to fulfill your desire for artistic expression, in a completely relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. You will be able to take your work of art with you, and it will remind you of the lovely time spent in the BAH Experience workshops with the fellow art enthusiasts.

What will you do in the BAH Experience workshops?

The BAH Experience workshops involve three hours of pure happiness, joy, creativity and relaxing. We have created this concept in order to show you our vision and passion towards art.

In the experience workshops you can try to create art, even if you never have before, to spend free time in an artistic setting with other art enthusiast, but also to take with you your own handmade work.

Who are they intended for?

BAH Experience workshops are intended for everyone who wants to be a part of them and be happy. The attendees of our experience workshops are different people with different profiles, customs, years and knowledge and what brings them together is the love of art, the desire for new experiences and knowledge and their ability to have fun and socialize in an unusual way.

Many of our attendees thought that they weren’t talented enough and didn’t want to embarrass themselves in front of other people but they discovered their potential after only one lesson in the BAH experience workshop. There are no mistakes in art, especially if you create it for your soul and according to your preferences.

If you are under a lot of stress every day, in search of new hobbies but lacking time due to your job, then the BAH experience workshops are the right choice for you.

What can you expect?

Our experience work shop will help you forget all of your worries, of your job and other obligations. You can expect three hours of relaxing work with art, music, and acquiring new skills and friendships.

What will you receive?

All of the material, drinks and fun is included in the course price, you will spend time in a beautiful house in Vracar. Of course you shouldn’t forget the biggest benefit – every piece of art you create will be yours to take home with you.

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