Calligraphic writing per order

Calligraphic writing per order

Calligraphic writing per order by highly qualified experts is available to you if you contact us or fill out a simple form on our website. With our help you can decorate anything using this technique. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing, or giving a beautiful form to letters (signs) skillfully so it comes as no surprise that calligraphy is used in many art pieces.

The creative and artistic Beo Art House center has a great team of artists who will transform your ideas into reality and with the use of calligraphy make any document, object or anything else more beautiful. If you have any doubts we are available for consultations and suggestions. Fill out a simple form and our professional team will contact you shortly to inform you about the next steps to get to the object decorated by the beautifully written letters according to your wishes and directions.

Calligraphy – the symbol of important events

Calligraphy is used on many art pieces as well as a lot of documents, so this style of writing is an excellent choice for decorating diplomas, notes, or any other texts, according to client’s wishes.

Calligraphy can make invitations for major events such as weddings, christenings, or any other celebration more beautiful. Aside from invitations calligraphy can decorate name tags and various sertificates.

Apart from classic writing of calligraphy letters, we also decorate paper, draw various motifs on paper, and we can also create imitations of old paper and writings. There is also a possibility of sealing envelopes and papers.

Calligraphic letters on any object you choose

Calligraphy can be written on classic and special papers, but also on variety of objects of your choosing. Our team will suggest the best material choice for your needs. A great idea for decorating modern spaces can be a handwritten note written with the use of calligraphy techniques, which can be framed to match the rest of the interior. Objects decorated with calligraphy can also fit in with spaces decorated in classic or rustic styles.

What type of equipment and materials do we use for calligraphy?

After you have chosen the paper or other type of base for calligraphy writing, and in accordance with the motifs you have decided to use, it is important to choose proper calligraphy tools. You can contact us if you are interested in:

  • Calligraphy writing with classic ink
  • Calligraphy writing using markers

We are here to recommend the surface and tools for calligraphy which best fits your requirements.

How do we form the price for calligraphy writing?

Calligraphic letters are very meticulous and based on the highest standards of aesthetic, so it takes time to create a beautiful, original handiwork which will enchant everyone.

Creation of such detailed work can take a few hours, days or even weeks depending on the complexity of the task. The time spent on creating the piece of art is only one of the factors when it comes to forming the price, it is also influenced by the size, amount of text and material used, but also the complexity of the client’s wishes.

Calligraphy writing on request in Belgrade and Serbia

Objects decorated with calligraphy techniques are perfect for those who like unique decorations and especially for those who wish to make any celebration more special. Special notes written with calligraphic letters can be a beautiful gift for those who like unique and original gifts.

If you need calligraphy writing in Belgrade or anywhere else, fill out a simple form or call our number and we will try to turn your ideas into reality. If you choose us, you can expect high quality and professionalism.

    Note: It is desirable to indicate the approximately dimensions of the print substrate, the possible content of the print text, the technique and letter in which it would be printed (if known), the material on which the print was required, the deadline, the indicative budget (if known), or any specifics related to the workmanship that could affect the weight of the work, the price and the time of production.

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