Painting icons per order

Painting icons per order

Painting religious icons per order by highly qualified experts and artists is available to you if you call us or send a request using our website. Specific paintings with religious theme – icons, truly are an art used to decorate orthodox churches and other religious buildings for centuries now.

The creative and artistic Beo Art House center has given the job of creating icons you order to highly qualified experts and artists. With our art pieces you will give any space a valuable and beautiful detail which goes beyond aesthetic.

Fill out a simple form and our professional team of painters and icon painters will contact you and discuss all of the details you need to know in order to get the icon you want.

Handmade orthodox icons

If your home is decorated traditionally, with rustic elements, unique orthodox icons will fit in perfectly with the interior. Our expert team will meet all of your requirements and if you want an icon with special details we will give them special attention.

We paint icons with orthodox motifs of your choice, and there is also a possibility to create a personalized icons so the space it is in will be absolutely unique.

On what surfaces are orthodox icons painted?

Because we paint the icons for you, you can choose the surface you want us to paint on. Contact us if you are interested in:

  •  Painting a classic icon on a wooden board
  •  Painting an icon on a wall
  •  Painting an icon on wooden surfaces (table, closets and many other wooden objects)

If you want the icon to be painted on another specific object, we will happily do so if the surface is appropriate for the techniques used for icon painting.

How is the price for painting orthodox icons formed?

When it comes to painting icons, the price is influenced by a few factors. It is formed based on the motifs you want to use, namely the complexity and difficulty of painting those religious motifs, and finally the size and surface you choose.

The previously mentioned factors don’t influence only the price but the time it takes to paint an icon. In order to paint unique icons of high quality the process can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. Our team will provide you with a realistic estimated time needed to finish the work of art for it to be perfect.

Painting icons per order in Belgrade and Serbia

A handmade icon can be a perfect gift for your friends and family members who are religious. Also it will enrich your home if you respect orthodox values, but also if you respect art and unique work.

If you need the service of icon painting in Belgrade or somewhere else in Serbia, fill out a simple form and make an easy step towards getting a handmade work of art the value of which is timeless. If you choose us you can expect high quality and professionalism.

    Note: It is desirable to indicate the approximate dimensions of the desired icon, the deadline, the material on which the icon is made, the desired motif, the location where the icon would be made (if necessary to work on-site), the indicative budget (if known), any specifics workmanship that could affect the weight of the work, the cost, and the time of production.

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