Making mosaics according to your taste – floor and wall mosaic

Making mosaics according to your taste – floor and wall mosaic

Making mosaics according to your taste by our highly qualified experts can be available to you very easily, contact us or send a request through our website. It is a creative and modern way to refresh any space by adding an interesting floor or wall mosaic.

The Beo Art House professional artists will make a floor or wall mosaic with the motifs and materials you wish them to use in the best possible way. Also, if you don’t have any inspiration but you want to decorate your space in this way, our artist can offer a solution according to your personal style.

Creating mosaics for any space you want

Mosaic is a specific work of art, which beautifies the most famous and beautiful buildings in the world. Mosaics attract attention and admiration of many, so it is not unusual that this technique is used in interior decorating and fits in perfectly in modern spaces as well as the traditional and rustic ones.

There are many motifs which can be used in mosaics creations so you can use them to refresh the interior of any space. Using mosaics as decoration for your fireplaces, bars, floors or walls will make your home or work place more beautiful and will reflect your style and taste.

This technique allows you to decorate any space in a unique way. We can, for example, install/implement a religious icon in your wall mosaic. Using this technique we can decorate your garden table or your pool and the possibilities for floor mosaics are various.

Making mosaics from a variety of materials

Mosaic is an art form and it is actually creating a picture by connecting small pieces of many materials, most commonly glass or stone. Our expert team uses many different materials for creating mosaics, and we will give you our recommendation according to your wishes. Contact us if you are interested in:

  •         Making mosaics from stone (natural or artificial)
  •         Making mosaics from glass (smalti, Italian glass)
  •         Making mosaics from ceramic tiles

We also use high quality glue, by the Italian manufacturer Mapei. Good glue is extremely important for mosaic creation from glass, stone or any other material.

How do we form the price for mosaics?

There are a few factors which influence the price. The size and complexity as well as the materials used are very important when it comes to forming the price. Mosaic made from glass won’t have the same price like one made from stone or other materials.

Time it takes to make one is also influenced by the previously mentioned factors. Just because a mosaic is smaller doesn’t necessarily mean it takes less time to make it, the motifs and their complexity are crucial when it comes to time needed to finish the art piece. For example a portrait takes more time to make than *** regardless what size it is.

Making a mosaic can take 2-3 days, but sometimes it takes more than a month to finish. Our team of experts will explain the price, tell you how long the creation process can take, give you suggestions about which materials to use and if you want them to, they will give you advice when it comes to which motifs should be used.

Making of mosaics in Belgrade and throughout Serbia

Mosaics are a great choice for those who like original decorations, and especially to those who wish to implement a bit of elegance and prestige in their homes, which will definitely be accomplished with a quality, unique work of art.

If you need a mosaic in Belgrade or somewhere else, fill out a simple form request and make an easy step towards changing decoration in any space you wish to beautify with personalized works of art. If you choose to work with us you can expect high quality and professionalism.

    Note: It is desirable to indicate the approximate dimensions of the desired mosaic, the motif that would be made, the substrate on which it would be worked - the floor/wall - the material of the substrate, the material that would be used in the production of the mosaic, the deadline, the location at which a mosaic was created, an indicative budget (if known), any specifics related to the workmanship that could affect the workload, cost, and deadline.

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