Glass painting

Glass painting

You don’t need a special painting talent in order to make unique objects which will amaze you, your family and friends. Glass painting is an art form which can make any home or work space more beautiful.

The Beo Art House enabled the attendees of the glass painting workshop to master the basic techniques of glass painting as well as advanced techniques of glass painting which will help you develop your creativity, imagination and new skills. Glass painting for beginners is much more relaxing in a positive and fun atmosphere with the professional assistance of our lecturers. 

Why should you choose this style of painting?

Glass painting is a hobby which everyone around you can enjoy. You will enjoy glass painting. Your family will be fascinated by the unique, one of a kind decorations in their homes, and your friend will be surprised when they receive a gift made especially for them.

You will be able to express and nurture your creativity by painting a glass bottle, glass or any other object made of glass. Imagine a holiday season and all of the Christmas glass painting patterns which you will be able to paint.

Do you have a space filled with empty glass jars? You will not have to throw them away anymore, there are various motifs for glass painting which can turn ordinary empty jars into a work of art.

Glass painting as a hobby is very affordable, paints for glass painting are not expensive and you can find glass everywhere. Due to the low costs, after you have mastered the technique of glass painting you can use your ability as a source for extra profits.

Who should attend the glass painting workshop?

Everyone who wishes to discover a new simple hobby which gives extraordinary results with very little effort. Those who wish to make their everyday lives more interesting by creating beautiful decorations for any space, without needing any prior experience in painting or drawing.

You will learn the process of glass painting, how to paint on glass with acrylic and oil paints, you will receive advice and learn many tricks in regard to glass painting and learn how to make any object made of glass more beautiful.

Why should you learn glass painting in the Beo Art House center?

If you want to learn glass painting for beginners but you are wondering if the BAH workshop is the right choice, the answer is simple:

  • Glass painting is fun and relaxing when you learn how to do it properly 
  • You will boost your creativity and reconnect with your inner child
  • There are many different art forms and this is one everybody can master
  • The kind Beo Art House educators will help you through every step of the learning process
  • You will save money by recycling glass and giving unique gifts 
  • All of the materials and equipment you will need are included in the course price
  • Sign up and discover why glass painting is so fun

Material and equipment needed for glass painting

In order to create art by glass painting we use the following materials:

  • Oil paints for glass 
  • Acrylic paints for glass
  • Brushes
  • Sponges
  • Paint thinners
  • Outliners

Sing up and make a first step towards a simple and fast way of decorating any space. Beo Art House is expecting you – Welcome!

from 3000 RSD

Material provided

The participants were provided with all the necessary basic materials and accessories to work with.

Workshops are scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (18:00 to 21:00h) and on Saturdays (16:00h to 19:00h).

One class lasts 3 hours.

Tijana Dobrić Gaćić


The mind behind the BAH hobby center and an educator. I am a graphic designer and I’m currently studying painting at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts and I’m coming closer to making my dreams come true. Through many years of working with children and adults I’ve discovered and developed a lot of love towards my work, which is not only love of painting and art, but also an ideal combination of work, hobbies and my life’s calling.

BAH is my baby, it was created thanks to the love and support which was given to me by my loved ones, especially my husband, who is becoming everything I’ve ever dreamed about, and sometimes it seems like he will surpass my dreams and expectations.

Packages for attendees

Type of class
Price RSD
4 classes8500This applies to 4 weeks from the first paid lesson, unless we make a different arrangement
+1 friend8000A discount is available to both persons
One lesson3000
4 individual lessons24000We make special arrangements for individual lessons depending on the availability of the educators as well as our attendees
One individual lesson6000We make special arrangements for individual lessons depending on the availability of the educators as well as our attendees

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