Birthday celebrations

Birthday celebrations

The BAH center is available to all of the children who want their Birthday celebration to be exciting and interesting in a creative way. The Beo Art House hobby center has provided a completely unique space for your birthday celebrations. If you want your child to spend their time creatively with his friends, then the BAH birthday celebrations space in Belgrade is the perfect choice for you and here’s why.

Celebrating birthdays in a creative way

The Beo Art House hobby center is famous for being a creative place for children in Belgrade. The Beo Art House center organizes numerous creative workshops for children with the mentoring of our educators and artists every week.

This time we turned our amazing workshops into a lot of creative activities which the children will surely love.

Does your child enjoy drawing, or making objects from paper? All of that and so much more is offered by the BAH birthday celebration space in the very center of Belgrade.

Why should you celebrate your children’s birthdays in the BAH center?

  • If your children enjoy spending time in the BAH center you can always bring them to our free first lesson for the workshop they choose
  • The kind educators will be there through the entire birthday celebration
  •  Your children will develop their creativity in an unusually decorated space
  •  Active socializing will help with the development of their social skills, motor skills and the ability to express themselves
  •  We are here to give you an unforgettable and unique birthday celebration

A birthday celebration completely different from others

Birthday celebrations don’t need to be focused on big play rooms. Kids can have fun in a completely new way. The combination of art, creativity and fun is a good description of birthday celebrations in the BAH center.

Our concept of celebration is absolutely different from what the children are used to. You have an opportunity to be one of the first people to organize such a birthday celebration for your child.

Our kind birthday animators will be there to educate and entertain the children and to inspire them to focus their energy on creating various decorative objects. The BAH center could be the place where your children could discover their artistic side.

Interesting themes for children’s birtdays

A birthday theme is still new and interesting in Belgrade. It can be a combination of workshops which are organized on a regular basis in the BAH hobby center for their little creative attendants or the entire celebration can be focused on one particular workshop.

We wouldn’t be a real creative center if we didn’t provide other, interesting services for those unforgettable moments:

  •         The possibility of creating unique party decorations
  •         Taking photos of the party, so you can keep the beautiful memories forever
  •         In collaboration with the ‘Slatkoteka’ donut empire, we can provide your children the opportunity to enjoy delicious donuts

Find out why this celebration will be your child’s favorite birthday celebration. Call us, and let the fun begin!

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