Sculpting course for children

Almost everyone used to play with clay and similar materials. We know that this is one of favorite children’s activities and that they enjoy making various shapes from their imagination.

Beo Art House decided to raise this art to a whole new level, and to give children a bit more serious but equally fun and creative method of sculpting from materials they are familiar with, while keeping the focus on all of the important details in this art form.

Sculpting is certainly one of the oldest art forms and it is spread throughout the world in different forms in almost all cultures. Some of the most beautiful examples of art are the sculptures made by the best and most famous artist like Michelangelo, Bernini, and Donatello and maybe your child will become one of them someday.

Why is the BAH sculpting workshop for children the right choice?

If your children are creative and you want them to discover their artistic side here are a few reasons why the Beo Art House workshop is the right choice for you and your children:

  • The first lesson is completely free and non-binding
  • The kind Beo Art house educators will help your children through each step of the creative process
  • Your children can choose in which way they wish to express their creativity
  • Your children will spend quality time with their peers while creating real works of art out of everyday objects
  • Aside from developing their imagination they will be able to practice their patience and concentration
  • The pleasure that comes from controlling the creation process and successfully accomplished task is of fundamental importance for the children’s character development and their work ethic
  • This course can help discover children’s hidden talents and interests which can become hobbies and maybe even their profession

Art has many different forms and styles and your children can find their own.

Who should attend this sculpting course?

All of the children who wish to take their imagination and creative abilities to a new level in an interesting way while spending time in fun and creative surroundings.

All of the children who will spend less time in front of a computer and more time developing new skills and forming new friendships with their peers.

All children aged 7 to 15 may sign up and they can choose for themselves if they want to advance their knowledge and skills and become real artists.

Equipment and materials are included in the course price

In order to make sculptures, children attending our course will use the following materials:

  •         Clay
  •         Modeling clay
  •         Plaster
  •         Wires and armature
  •         Tools for clay modeling
  •         Various dishes

Our educators will always be by your children’s side so you don’t need to worry about any accidents. You may only have trouble when the class is over as your child may want to stay longer.

The Beo Art House hobby center is ready and waiting for you, so hurry up and reserve a spot for the free first lesson.


Material provided

The participants were provided with all the necessary basic materials and accessories for work.

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