Other activities

Other activities

Space for seminar and workshops

Beo Art House is a house of art, and as such has provided *** to all artists to spread their knowledge to those who are interested in learning about art through seminars and workshops. There are a lot of artists who are looking for an appropriate space in which they could organize lectures and workshops for those who are interested, and usually there are a lot of them which makes the search for the convenient space more difficult. Is there a more appropriate space then one in which artists and amateurs work and create, where they organize their exhibits and where everything is adjusted to art and its needs. Beo Art House is offering great conditions for such events, and is inviting all of you who are interested to contact us and ask about the details.

Individual lessons

If you don’t like to work in groups or you want your lecturers to give you their full attention, or you simply prefer to work in silence only with your teacher, then the individual lessons are the right thing for you. Beo Art House is offering a possibility to attend our workshops in appointments which are intended just for you and in which you can advance your knowledge limitlessly while all of the teacher’s attention will be directed towards you and your needs.

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