Learn the decoupage technique with the help of the art house workshop

Decoupage technique is a way to turn any object into a little work of art of your own. There are skeptics who do not think that decoupage is an art form, but it is your own creation which you can admire and you will know it is a masterpiece which you created. Considering the fact that decoupage is an extremely interesting activity, one class of learning this technique in our workshop lasts three hours.

Our decoupage workshop in The Beo Art House introduces elements of new decoupage techniques such as mixed media and scrapbook, and with that brings in and helps you master the use of materials which go beyond decoupage raw materials (reproductive materials) which are commonly used in classic decoupage.

These decoupage techniques help you develop a wider range of different styles, so you can create a romantic box (or any other object), vintage boxes, modern and simple, light or dark, depending on your personal taste using the same technique. With the help of this decoupage workshop beginners can learn how to work with colors, patina, pastes, patterns, and many other materials.

Decoupage (with all of its derived and combined techniques) is firstly enjoying, socializing , exploring and creating personalized objects which you can use yourself, or give away as gifts,  and they will fulfill you and the people who receive your gifts.

Why are BAH decoupage workshops interesting?

If you want to learn how to master this technique, but you’re wondering if you should attend the classes of BAH workshop, the answer is simple:

  •         Decoupage will help you relax
  •         You will boost your creativity and reconnect with your inner child
  •         Art has many different forms, but this is the one everyone can master
  •         The kind Beo Art House educators will go through every step of learning and creativity with you
  •         All of the raw (reproductive) materials and equipment are included in the price
  •         Your knowledge of decoupage techniques can be the source of extra earnings, if you wish to do that

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What is decoupage and how was it created?

It isn’t widely known, but decoupage technique is a way of decorating furniture with the use of unusual raw (reproductive) materials such as paper napkins, wooden objects, glue and colors amongst newer, more complex types.

Weather you believe it or not the history of decoupage begins all the way back in 12th century Asia, even though the first popular types of decoupage techniques were seen in the 17th century and are connected to oriental works of Eastern artists.

The word decoupage originated from the French language – ‘Découpage’ – and it is the best explanation of what decoupage technique actually is. Decoupage means ‘to cut out’, which explains the technique of cutting decorative paper with different motifs in order to connect them to the object we wish to decorate.

This confirms the historical fact that Venetian artists wanted to imitate the process of decorating objects which originated from Asia, by decorating furniture cheaply with the use of cut out drawings (paintings) and attaching them to the furniture. You surely understand the economy aspect of this but that is how decoupage technique we use today in the Beo Art House workshop was created.

Which decoupage techniques are there?

There are many decoupage techniques. As you could see the Beo Art House decoupage workshop combines the classic decoupage with a variety of new techniques, so the beginners of the class can learn many useful things. Decoupage technique for beginners is only a start after which you can expand in many different ways.

You can learn these decoupage techniques:

  •         Classic decoupage
  •         Mixed media
  •         Scrapbook

Equipment and raw (reproductive) materials used for decoupage

Using this technique you can refresh objects and furniture, some would even say it revives them. Did you know that all of those beautiful decoupage boxes are decorated with the use of paper napkins and glue?  There are also painting colors which you can use to paint and give a finishing touch to your work of art.

In the Beo Art House workshop you will receive all of the required material you will need in each level of learning. All of the material is included in the course cost.

The elementary decoupage material and equipment: 

  • A wooden object or an object made from another material (boxes, vases, plates, pots, ashtrays, bowls, furniture, lamps, picture frames, frames for mirrors…)
  •  Decorative paper (paper napkins, posters, magazine or newspaper clippings, fabrics, wrapping paper, book pages …)
  •         Glue
  •         Scissors
  •         A sharp knife
  •         A soft cloth for removing excess glue
  •         Sandpaper …

Beo Art House is expecting you – welcome!

from 3500 RSD

Material provided

The participants were provided with all the necessary basic materials and accessories to work with.

Workshops are scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (18:00 to 21:00h) and on Saturdays (16:00h to 19:00h).

One class lasts 3 hours.

Tijana Dobrić Gaćić


The mind behind the BAH hobby center and an educator. I am a graphic designer and I’m currently studying painting at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts and I’m coming closer to making my dreams come true. Through many years of working with children and adults I’ve discovered and developed a lot of love towards my work, which is not only love of painting and art, but also an ideal combination of work, hobbies and my life’s calling.

BAH is my baby, it was created thanks to the love and support which was given to me by my loved ones, especially my husband, who is becoming everything I’ve ever dreamed about, and sometimes it seems like he will surpass my dreams and expectations.

Packages for attendees

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Type of class
4 classes9500 RSDThis applies to 4 weeks from the first paid lesson, unless we make a different arrangemet
Seniors8500 RSD
One lesson3500 RSD
4 individual lessonson requestWe make special arrangements for individual lessons depending on the availability of the educators as well as our attendees

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