Fabric painting

Fabric painting

Learn fabric painting with the Beo Art House course

Fabric painting is a very creative activity which will inspire your imagination. Fabric painting attendees will firstly learn the basics of this type of painting, after which they will reach the level of creating their own unique designs. One class of fabric painting lasts 4 hours and that will be an amazing way to learn new things as well as to revise the previously acquired skills.

You will have an opportunity to learn the techniques of fabric painting while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and socializing in our workshop. Our mentors will teach you how to express you talent and develop your own style.

One of our main goals is to help our attendees to discover their creativity and take it to unimaginable levels. Your imagination will become more vivid, your style will be more profound and you will become more confident.

Everyone who believes they can do anything with enough effort and will power is welcome to join our fabric painting course.

Why should you choose the BAH fabric painting course?

  •  Fabric painting will help you develop your imagination and creativity
  • There are many different art forms and this is one everybody can master if they are dedicated enough
  • The kind Beo Art House educators will help you through every step of the learning process
  • All of the materials and equipment are included in the course price
  •  If you make a quick progress and become really good at fabric painting you can easily turn this hobby into a source of extra profits
  • Fabric painting is a very relaxing activity which will help you let go of any negativity

Fabric painting is a very old craft

People have been painting fabric for centuries creating beautiful pieces of clothing as well as canvases which they put on walls. When people started to connect different materials in order to make clothes, they started painting on clothes.

Asia is the continent most commonly associated fabric painting. There is evidence that they were painting on clothes and making designs on clothes in 3000 BC. In the 2nd century painted materials reached Europe while fabric painting in China reached a new level.

Batik method of fabric dyeing – The oldest method

Batik is an old method of textile dyeing used in Africa, eastern Asia and the Middle East. This method of painting can be applied on silk, cotton, wool and even leather. For this method you use hot wax and brush out the sections you wish to remain not dyed.

After that you move onto sections you wish to dye from the lightest colors to the darkest. When you color your design you let it dry for 12-48 hours, and then you add another layer of wax and dye. You repeat this process for each color. When you have finished coloring remove all of the wax and your clothes is ready.

Material needed for painting on the fabric we use

Material for textile dyeing changed throughout time depending on which fabric materials were available and popular at that moment. Various materials were used for painting and today almost all of the fabrics can be painted if it is done properly.

All of the required equipment will be provided by the Beo Art House in order to motivate your imagination, creativity and design ideas.

These are the basic materials needed for fabric painting:

  • Textile dyes in many different shades and colors. It is very important to have high quality acrylic dyes to have a good final product
  • You can use markers for fabric if you want to

Equipment and tools for fabric painting

Equipment needed for this type of painting is rather simple and you can easily find it in your house of a shop. Tools are provided to all of the attendees of the Beo Art House course, you need to only come, enjoy and let your imagination run free.

These are the tools you will receive:

  • Fabric you will use as a base
  • A thick piece of cardboard in order to protect the other part of the shirt or anything else you may be dyeing from the colors
  • A  brush for painting
  • A dish with clean water
  • Wet wipes or paper napkins
  •  An iron

With the BAH courses you will learn all of the necessary techniques for textile painting, and our professional mentors will help you transform your ideas into magnificent creations. Beo Art House is expecting you – Welcome!

from 3000 RSD

Material provided

The participants were provided with all the necessary basic materials and accessories to work with.

Workshops are scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (18:00 to 21:00h) and on Saturdays (16:00h to 19:00h).

One class lasts 3 hours.

Tijana Dobrić Gaćić


The mind behind the BAH hobby center and an educator. I am a graphic designer and I’m currently studying painting at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts and I’m coming closer to making my dreams come true. Through many years of working with children and adults I’ve discovered and developed a lot of love towards my work, which is not only love of painting and art, but also an ideal combination of work, hobbies and my life’s calling.

BAH is my baby, it was created thanks to the love and support which was given to me by my loved ones, especially my husband, who is becoming everything I’ve ever dreamed about, and sometimes it seems like he will surpass my dreams and expectations.

Packages for attendees

Type of class
Price RSD
4 classes8500This applies to 4 weeks from the first paid lesson, unless we make a different arrangement
+1 friend8000A discount is available to both persons
One lesson3000
4 individual lessons24000We make special arrangements for individual lessons depending on the availability of the educators as well as our attendees
One individual lesson6000We make special arrangements for individual lessons depending on the availability of the educators as well as our attendees

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