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Creative team building in Belgrade
Atmosfera na tim bildingu u Beo Art House centru

Team building is becoming more and more popular. The companies are starting to recognize the benefits of connecting their employees in a relaxed surrounding outside of their workplace, and there are many offers for such activities. However, Beo Art House noticed something important is missing when it comes to activities offered for team building exercises, and it is actually creative artistic workshop which represent a new way of building a creative team spirit. Take a look and find out why you should provide a creative team building to your employees and colleagues.

Team building activities your employees will actually love

Maybe you enjoy spending time with your colleagues outside of work, but not everyone is always happy to spend their free time that way. As we are a creative center we are aware how differently people understand creativity and that not everyone enjoys the same activities because they don’t match their preferences.

That is why we have created an innovative team building program which gives you everything the other team building activities are missing – diversity and freedom of individual contribution to a collective achievement!

The Beo Art House center is a sanctuary for artists and for those who feel that way.  We organize workshops for a wide spectrum of different types of art, from painting on a canvas, wooden surfaces, textile or glass, to making mosaics, ***, quilling decorations, and very practical decoupage and even sculpting with various types of clay. We are absolutely open for any suggestions or ideas, so you can suggest anything that comes to your minds and we will attempt to organize and turn your idea into reality in the best possible way.

Forget about your jobs, bills, mails and deadlines….

Allow your team to return to a carefree time – childhood

It is no news that organizations can sometimes get into a rut because of the monotone way of thinking. Many big companies have become victims of a tendency to work the same way and use the same patterns which proved to be successful in the past. The problem begins when the same methods stop being successful. The effort is bigger, but the results are missing. Frustration is growing and in the end everyone loses.

In such cases change is necessary, but that change needs to be deep.

It is scientifically proven that learning a new skill creates new connections between the brain cells, changes their forms and strengthens the already existing connections.

Many people associate creativity with artists, but creativity is important in all of the aspects of life, and especially in business. The most successful companies owe their success to the people who were thinking outside of the box.

Team building exercises are intended to connect the employees so they can understand each other and their tasks better and accomplish better team work.

The BAH team building ideas are different, because aside from developing team work, each individual can discover new things about themselves, reconnect with their inner child and so much more.

Our educators are involved in workshops for adults and children, and they have enough experience to motivate people with different attitudes about art, different artistic styles and help them discover their creative spirit and the will for creating art.

Experience has shown us that team building is equally satisfying for traditional companies and the modern ones focused on creativity, innovations and the contemporary trends.

Create a memorable experience

There are many benefits provided by the team building activities, and if you want to create a memorable experience for your team or make them realize their artistic potentials, send us a request, and come one step closer to an experience which will unlock the potential for teamwork. We are opened to all sorts of deals, and the team-building exercise can be organized in our spaces, as well as anywhere else you want if it is appropriate for such activities. Be creative and give yourself a completely innovative experience.

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