Creation and reproduction of paintings per order

Creation and reproduction of paintings per order

The creation and reproduction of paintings per order could be timeless gifts which will always remain valuable. Everyone who appreciates art gives special attention to paintings and chooses them carefully. Whether you want paintings for your home, office or any other space, they always bring in charm which no other decoration can. Because we know how important and powerful paintings can be in decoration, our team of expert artists is devoted to creating paintings the way you have envisioned them. Anything you can imagine we can create.

If you are inspired by an already existing original piece, painting reconstruction is a task we will execute in the best possible way. We will also give our best when it comes to creating original artwork which will turn your idea into the most beautiful harmony on a canvas.

You only need to tell us your vision, or our team can help you come to the best solution. All you need to do is fill out a form, and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

Painting techniques we use

There are many painting techniques which our artists have mastered. We are especially proud of the fact that we can create any painting you want, which means any style of painting on any possible surface. Whether it is acrylic paint on a canvas or oil paint on a canvas or any other order our team is capable of creating a work of art for you which is perfect when it comes to technique and style.

Painting and drawing portraits is another technique artists in the BAH center are competent in. Drawing portraits per order is very popular, also creating stained glass is one more possibility we offer to our dear clients. Previously mentioned techniques are the most popular but not the only ones we do, so feel free to express your ideas and we will try to fulfill all of your requirements.

Creation and reproduction of paintings as a symbol of prestige

Art can never use its value and no matter how much the mankind is changing, what is left after every generation is the art which is timeless. We can meet your standards and requirements including the style of art you prefer. Whether you prefer modern or more traditional style we can satisfy your taste.

Paintings you wish to give as a present can be various. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is always a good way to express anything when words aren’t enough, your emotions, style or philosophy. Discover the advantages provided by our workshop, including framing the pictures which gives a final touch to your painting.

How do we form the price for painting reproduction and original paintings?

There are a few factors which influence the price just like in any other type of art creation. Depending on the size, proportions, and the complexity of the painting we will form the price when we begin our cooperation.

Keep in mind that creating a piece of art takes time. Based on your wishes time it takes to finish our work can vary. So it is possible that the process lasts for a few days, while the more complex paintings can take up to a few months. Ordinary painting purchase is coming for a finished product, but in our creation process we have a meeting where we listen to your wishes, confirm the details and the price and then start the work.

Selling paintings in Belgrade and throughout Serbia

A painting as a gift is an ideal way to show how much you care about someone in an original manner. It’s the same when it comes to decorating your home or any other space with paintings that will beautify and give it a special touch. Selling paintings we have created for you can happen in Belgrade or somewhere else. Contact us by simply filling out a form on our website and our team will quickly reply.

    Note: It is desirable to indicate the desired motif, the indicative dimensions of the desired image, the substrate on which it would be made, the material to be used in the production, the deadline for production, the indicative budget (if known), and any specifics related to the production that may affect weight of work, cost, and deadline.

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