Mosaic course

Mosaic course
Izrada mozaika
Mozaik na saksiji
Radionica mozaika u Beo Art House centru
Izrada mozaika na saksijama

The Beo Art House mosaic course introduces beginners to the possibilities of mosaic, and teaches them to create their own mosaic pieces. At the same time we encourage the attendees to explore their creativity, evolve artistically and discover a new, interesting hobby.

The Beo Art House center allows the attendees of their mosaic workshop to get to know the basics of mosaic art form and its use as well as an opportunity to constantly further their knowledge in the advanced mosaic workshops. While spending quality time in the positive atmosphere in our workshops, you will be able to learn the theoretical knowledge and practical skills order to master the techniques needed to create mosaics and discover different types of mosaics:

  •         Decorative mosaic
  •         Wall mosaics 
  •         Floor mosaics

Who should attend the BAH mosaic course?

Everyone who wishes to create something beautiful for their home, garden or as a gift for a loved one. Those who wish to learn an interesting new hobby which will help you realize your own creativity. Everybody who wishes to express their feelings through art in a friendly setting.

Why is the Beo Art House mosaic course the right choice?

If you want to learn how to create a real mosaic but you’re wondering why you should attend the BAH mosaic workshops, the answer is simple:

  •         Creating mosaics is fun and relaxing when you learn how to do it properly
  •         There is no home decoration more beautiful than a handmade mosaic piece
  •         You will rediscover your creativity and your inner child , while making something that inspires you
  •         The kind Beo Art House educators will help you through each step of learning
  •         You will receive of the materials and equipment needed for this course free of charge
  •         The creation of mosaics can become a source of extra profits
  •         Sign up for our mosaic course and discover why mosaics are so interesting

What is mosaic actually and why is it so fascinating?

Mosaic is the art of creating pictures by connecting small pieces of colored glass, stone or other materials. The earliest known examples of mosaics made out of different materials were found in a temple in Mesopotamia and they originate from the second half of the 3rd millennium BC. They consist of pieces of colored stones, shells and ivory.

Mosaics of the 4th century BC are found in the Macedonian palace-city of Aegae and they were used as decorations for the floors of Hellenistic Villas and Roman houses. Stunning mosaic floors are found in Roman villas throughout northern Africa, in places such as Carthage and can still be seen in the extensive collection in the Bardo Museum in Tunis, Tunisia.

The most famous mosaics of the Roman era were made in Africa and Syria, the two richest territories of the Roman Empire. Many Roman mosaics can be found in Tunisia, most of which originated from the 2nd to the 7th century BC.

Mosaic is one of the oldest art techniques and the secrets of these techniques were known.**** Throughout all of the centuries of its existence mosaic has been one of the most prestigious artistic handiworks. Why wouldn’t you learn it with the help of the Beo Art House workshops?

Equipment and row materials needed for the creation of mosaics come free of charge

In order to create mosaics in our workshops we use:

  •         Mosaic pliers
  •         A glass cutter
  •         Tile glue
  •         Bent nose pliers
  •         Brushes
  •         Sponges
  •         Fabric /cloth
  •         Hammer
  •         Chisel
  •         Protective glasses

Sign up and make a first step towards a more beautiful home and spiritual fulfilment.  Beo Art house is expecting you – welcome!

from 7500 RSD

Material provided

The participants were provided with all the necessary basic materials and accessories to work with. Dates are Tuesday from 6pm and Saturday from 4pm.


Stefan Stančić


He is a master of applied arts from 2016. He finished his master studies in Belgrade on the Faculty of applied arts. He is currently on his third year of Doctorate studies and works as an independent artist. He participates in numerous art colonies and collective exhibits as well as projects of creating mosaics in Serbia and abroad. He is a percipient of many awards and accolades for his work in applied arts. So far he has organized four exhibits in Belgrade and Paris.

Packages for attendees

Choose the right package for you!

Type of class
Level 1 (4 lessons)7500 RSDWe work on techniques of gluing tiles, tools, and precise creations of forms. Mosaics are made on A5 formats on raw medium-density fireboard (MDF) with the choice of patterns or on your own designs. After the work on MDF it is possible to choose a different object to work on.
Level 2 (4 lessons)9000 RSDWe work with murano or smalt glass. You learn how to work with tools, and precise creations of forms. Mosaics are made on A5 formats on raw medium-density fireboard (MDF) with the choice of patterns or on your own designs. After the work on MDF it is possible to choose a different object to work on.
Level 3 (professional course)800€Making floor or wall mosaics. This course involves more detailed studying of mosaic techniques as well as actual making of mosaics in 1mx1m format. This course lasts one month. All if the material is included in the course price. The attendee can choose the location for the mosaic, or you can make one in our space.

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