Painting the walls with motifs as desired

Painting the walls with motifs as desired

Painting walls in a space of your choice

If you want to refresh a space in which you spend a lot of time there is a very creative way to do so. We are offering a service of painting spaces you want us to, whether it’s a child’s bedroom or buildings like schools or daycare centers. Our professional artists will turn your ideas into reality and paint the motifs you desire. If you don’t have an inspiration but you wish to decorate your spaces in this way they can help you and give you suggestions.

Fill out a simple form and our team of professional artists will contact you shortly after in order to make a plan and give you the painting you want.

Painting walls of any space according to clients requirements

Our professional team can paint any space you want, and until now it has been more popular with the younger generations. Contact us if you’re interested in:

  •  Painting the walls of children’s bedrooms
  •  Painting the walls of kindergartens
  •  Painting the walls of schools

·         Any other space you want to beautify with imaginative paintings

How large can a space be and how long does it take to finish?

When it comes to the size of the space you want us to paint, we can decorate small spaces like children’s bedrooms or larger spaces like living rooms, halls or gardens. We can definitely decorate any space, but the larger ones will take more time.

Wall painting can last from a few hours to a few days, depending on the texture of the surface we are decorating, access to the space, whether it is inside or outside, and of course the complexity of the painting you want to be done. Based on all of those factors we form the price. For example, if we are doing a big painting which is simple and in similar colors, 10m2 can be done in a few hours, but the more complicated paintings of the same size but with a lot of details can take a few days, even weeks.

Which motifs can be used?

In this case, the choice is also up to you. Almost anything you envision can be turned into reality, and the most common motifs our clients choose are:

  •         Motifs from everyday life
  •         Cartoon characters and motifs
  •         Scenes from famous movies and TV series
  •         Landscapes
  •         Replicas of famous paintings
  •         Abstract motifs, and many others

It is also possible to cooperate with our designer and photographer, and with the help of computers and projectors, we can show you an electronic representation of the painting, and you can design the motif you want yourself, and get a general idea how the final look will turn out.

Material we use for wall paintings

We use standard painting equipment and professional art tools. Like we already mentioned, we offer the service of using computers and projectors.

We mostly use acrylic paints because of their constancy, but if according to your requirements we can also use all sorts of ecological paints combined with toners, in which case we will tell you the benefits and downsides of each choice.

There are many tools used for wall painting, brushes, rollers, mini rollers and all of the other useful tools for painting. Also, in some cases we use sprays if it proves to be the best or the only solution.

Painting walls in Belgrade or throughout Serbia

Wall painting is a great idea for those who prefer original decorations, and especially for those who wish to adjust their homes to children’s needs.

Wall painting for schools, kindergartens or other institutions in which children spend a lot of time will definitely lighten up those spaces and make them suitable and memorable for kids.

If you need wall painting in Belgrade, or somewhere else in Serbia you need to fill out a simple form or call us and you will have made a first step towards beautifully decorated spaces. If you choose us you can expect high quality and professionalism.

    Note: It is desirable to indicate the dimensions (height and width) of the walls that would be the subject of the painting, the material that is the final layer on which the painting is made, the purpose of the object - the room to be painted, the motif that would be painted on the walls, the location of the object where painting, deadline, indicative budget (if known), any specifics related to workmanship that could affect the workload, cost and deadline would be done.

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