Making scale models

Making scale models
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Learn how to make scale models with the BAH workshop

You can learn how to make scale models very quickly in the BAH workshop. The attendees can get introduced to the basics of scale modeling, and realize that the effort you put in, patience and the will to create something is far more important than talent when it comes to creating something beautiful. In order to master your patience, each lesson lasts three hours.

Making scale models is an interesting profession and hobby for creative people, whose imagination and skillful hands turn reality into miniatures. It has existed for a long time and it was always thought that making scale models required special talents. With enough effort and the help of the Beo Art House artists you will be able to make incredible creations.

You will learn the basics as well as the advance techniques for making scale models, you will see how many objects from your everyday life can serve as an inspiration and you will learn how to make all of those amazing details which have always impressed you.

People attending this course will be able to display their scale models in our regular exhibit and affirm their work even more.

Why are the BAH scale model workshops so interesting?

If you want to learn how to make scale models but you’re wondering why you should visit the BAH workshop, the answer is simple:

  •         Making scale models is relaxing
  •         You will discover your creativity and learn that you can accomplish anything with enough effort
  •         You will evolve your ability to notice details
  •         There are many art forms, and this is one everyone can master
  •         You will practice patience and learn how to value time
  •         You will be taught by the best- the kind Beo Art House educators will help you through every step of the creative process
  •         All of the materials and equipment are included in the course price
  •         Making scale models can be a source of extra profits

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What are scale models?

Making miniature replicas of various objects which are much larger in reality is what making scale models actually is. Most commonly, what comes to mind when you think about scale models are cars in miniature, but it is so much more.

It originates all the way back in the Classical Antiquity era. People have always wanted to make nature their own so they made it smaller even from themselves. Many Roman and Greek architects used proportionate modeling to create models of the future cities and other fascinating projects. Creating miniature objects used to be a profession, but now it is also a hobby.

That how the creation of scale models begun. At the beginning only the natural materials were used, before plastic even existed, and later on manmade materials like plastic, glass, mirrors and textile started being used.

Techniques for making scale models and the types of models you can make

The basic scale modeling techniques are usually put in the following categories:

  •         Plastic scale models
  •         Wooden scale models
  •         Metal scale models

We should also mention that there are variations when it comes to proportionate modeling according to accurate measurements of objects, but we will stick to scale modeling as a hobby.

Almost every object you see in your everyday life can be an inspiration for a scale model. Just like the architects who can be inspired while walking through a city, you don’t have to think too much, the ideas will come to you easily.

The most common types of scale models are:

  •         Airplane models
  •         Car models
  •         House models
  •         Trains and tunnels models
  •         Entire communities, geographic areas and other inspiring models

However BAH workshops are anything but ordinary. Aside from the necessary basic techniques which are an important first step for making scale models, we also want to think outside of the box and allow your creativity to get to the ideal solutions. So, let your imagination run free, roll up your sleeves and discover the world of miniatures.

Materials we use for making scale models

By choosing the Beo Art House scale modeling workshop you will have the possibility to learn the basic and more advanced techniques with the help of our expert artists, while using the material provided for you. All of the tools and material will be provided and these are some of the most common ones we use:

  •         Pre-manufactured parts (made out of wood, metal, plastic…)
  •         Handmade parts (made out of wood, metal, plastic…)
  •         Varnishes
  •         Different types of paints
  •         Different types of knives
  •         Scalpel
  •         Stapler
  •         Glues and duct tapes
  •         Brushes, scissors, tweezers and many other things

All of the material is included in the course price. We are expecting you!

from 6000 RSD

Material provided

The participants are provided with all the necessary basic materials and accessories to work with. We schedule classes based on availability of participant and teacher. One class lasts 3 hours.


Marko Kraljević

I graduated from the Belgrade Polytechnic Vocational college in Belgrade, where I specialized in Industrial design, and I do all of the work in connection with my education, but what I prefer above all is scale modeling. It all started long ago when I was collecting various little toys and miniatures and started to think about putting them in surroundings where they would look real. In that way scale models became my hobby, a way of life. I find inspiration every day in thousands of tiny objects, the world around me and activities in which people enjoy, so I try to turn interesting things into miniatures, and my biggest reward are the comments and mesmerized faces of people observing my work.

Packages for attendees

Choose the right package for you!

Type of class
4 individual lessons24000 RSDWe make special arrangements for individual lessons depending on the availability of the educators as well as our attendees
Individual lesson6000 RSDWe make special arrangements for individual lessons depending on the availability of the educators as well as our attendees

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