Creative workshops

Creative workshops

Creative workshops for creative children

The Beo Art House creative workshop for children in Belgrade is intended for children aged 7 to 15. The idea behind this creative workshop is that children learn how to use their imagination, creativity and thoughts and turn them into art. Art is very important for children, and creating something more or less useful for their everyday lives will help them learn the value of using their abilities to create something themselves.

With the BAH creative workshop children will learn how to make any space more beautiful while playing and having fun. Children’s logic and imagination are not easy for adults to understand but, with the help of our workshop, they will be able to express their creativity in a useful and fun manner. In this way children will be able to transform dull and useless objects into beautiful works of art.

Why is the BAH creative workshop for children the right choice?

If you think your children are creative or you wish them to discover their creativity, imagination and their artistic side, here are a few reasons why the BAH creative workshop for children is the right choice for you and your children:

  • The first lesson is completely free and non-binding
  • The kid Beo Art House educators will help your children through every step of the creative process in a kind an patient manner
  • All of the equipment and materials fill be provided free of charge
  • You children will be able to choose in what way they wish to expand their creativity
  • The children will have the opportunity to spend quality time with their peers in a fun and useful way while creating little works of art out of everyday objects
  • Aside from developing their imagination they will be able to practice their patience and concentration
  • The pleasure that comes from controlling the creation process and successfully accomplished task is of fundamental importance for the children’s character development and their work ethic
  • This creative workshop for children is an amazing way to discover their hidden talents and interests which can become a hobby or maybe even a profession
  • There are many different art forms and your children can choose their favorite

Who should sign up for our creative workshop?

This workshop is intended for all of the children who wish to learn new skills and spend their time productively while socializing with their peers. All children aged 7 to 15 are welcome to join us, and after this course they may even decide to pursue art as a profession, so they can attend our courses for adults and become real artists. Our workshops for children are focused on finding children’s potential and help them use it on something creative and useful. They are especially suitable for character development and learning how to express themselves through art.

What will your children do in our workshops?

The BAH creative workshops for children are focused on a variety of activities which can be adjusted to children’s wishes and they are:

  •         Drawing with colored pencils or crayons, chalk, temperas etc.
  •         Clay modeling
  •         Making of different decorative or useful objects from various materials (paper, cardboard, wood, etc.)
  •         Many other activities in which children are included by giving their suggestions

Material used is included in the course price, and we will use:

  •         Paper, cardboard, wood and objects made from those materials
  •         Many different types of colors (crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.)
  •         Painting brushes, watercolors and temperas
  •         Modeling clay
  •         Collage paper and other colorful paper
  •         Colorful threads, balloons and many other things

When it comes to the use of tools like scissors and glue you can be sure that our educators will be by your children’s side so you don’t need to worry about their safety.

The Beo Art House hobby center is ready for you, so hurry up and reserve a spot for your child for our free first lesson and make an important step in your child’s development.


Material provided

The participants were provided with all the necessary basic materials and accessories to work with.

Tijana Dobrić Gaćić


The mind behind the BAH hobby center and an educator. I am a graphic designer and I’m currently studying painting at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts and I’m coming closer to making my dreams come true. Through many years of working with children and adults I’ve discovered and developed a lot of love towards my work, which is not only love of painting and art, but also an ideal combination of work, hobbies and my life’s calling.

BAH is my baby, it was created thanks to the love and support which was given to me by my loved ones, especially my husband, who is becoming everything I’ve ever dreamed about, and sometimes it seems like he will surpass my dreams and expectations.

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