Scale modeling for children

Scale modeling for children

Toys, toys and more toys, there are never too many toys and other objects for playing. How many times during your childhood have you made a sandcastle, a Barbie playhouse, or any other creative product of your imagination? The scale modeling course for children is a workshop which motivates children to express their creativity in exactly that way.

Beo Art House has made sure that, in a time of complete computerization of our lives, the children have an opportunity to develop their motor skills, creativity and art skills while making various scale models. In this workshop the children can learn all of the necessary skills needed to become real little masters of an interesting hobby.

Why should you sign your child up for this class?

Your children’s favorite activity can get a form and structure, while our expert educators will know exactly how to give them directions and help them develop their skills further. The most common scale models we make in our workshops are airplanes, houses, cars, trains… and all of those are perfect objects for children’s games.

The modeling techniques we teach in this course are different from the precise, proportionate modeling, in this workshop you will have more freedom. That is one of the reasons why this activity is perfect for children, because they don’t feel the pressure to replicate the actual objects. Each one of their scale models is right, regardless of their skills or talent.

Why should they attend the Beo Art House scale modeling workshop?

If you want your child to master the skills of making a miniature world, but you’re wondering if the BAH workshop is the right place, here are a few reasons to help you decide:

  •         The first lesson is completely free and non-binding
  •         Our experienced teachers will make the time spent in our workshop fun and interesting so they will look forward to each lesson
  •         Our educator’s creativity will inspire the creativity in your children
  •         All of the basic materials and equipment will be included in the course price
  •         Your children will practice their patience and focus which is very important
  •         Making scale models will help them with their motor skills which will help them with their coordination and everyday activities, like tying their laces

·         The children will be able to make their own toys according to their imaginations

What type of miniatures will you make in the BAH workshop

Considering the fact that we don’t want to limit the children’s creativity in our workshops they will have the freedom to choose what they want to make. However if the children can’t make up their minds our educators will help them make the right choice in a friendly manner. There are also many suggestions for the shy and indecisive children.

Great fun is guaranteed as well as a creative and friendly space for work.

Material used in this workshop

By choosing this workshop you children will have an opportunity the basic and more complex techniques for scale modeling with the help of our expert artists and while using the materials which will be provided for them.

Materials used for scale making are safe for use and do not contain any substances dangerous for their health. Among other things materials we use are the following:

  •         Paper
  •         Cardboard
  •         Wood
  •         Sponge
  •         Styrofoam
  •         Glue for wood
  •         Water and acrylic paints etc.

If the scale model your child chooses to make requires additional materials, our educators will direct you to the places where you can get them.

Our educators will be by your children’s sides constantly so the risk of your child being injured is minimal, so you don’t need to worry. The only problem you could have is that your child may not want to leave the class.

Beo Art House is always looking forward to meeting their new attendants and is inviting you to reserve a spot for your child for the free first lesson, and give your child an unforgettable experience which could influence their development and education significantly. 

from 1500 RSD

Material provided

The participants were provided with all the necessary basic materials and accessories to work with.


Marko Kraljević


I graduated from the Belgrade Polytechnic Vocational college in Belgrade, where I specialized in Industrial design, and I do all of the work in connection with my education, but what I prefer above all is scale modeling. It all started long ago when I was collecting various little toys and miniatures and started to think about putting them in surroundings where they would look real. In that way scale models became my hobby, a way of life. I find inspiration every day in thousands of tiny objects, the world around me and activities in which people enjoy, so I try to turn interesting things into miniatures, and my biggest reward is the comments and mesmerized faces of people observing my work.

Packages for attendees

Choose the right package for you!

Type of class
4 lessons5000 RSDIt lasts in the period of 4 weeks from the first paid lesson. Unless we make a different arrangement.
Beo Art House invites you to attend the free trial.

+1 family member4500 RSD
+1 friend4500 RSDThe child who brings their friend has the discount.
One lesson1500 RSD

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