Wood carving

The wood carving workshop concept is such that practical work is accented and you will start with the simple geometric shapes and work your way up to more complicated drawings. The reason for that is the old technique which has been a bit neglected in our schools and universities.

When it comes to the actual work, all of the required material will be provided, and it includes a chisel, a hammer, a clamp, and wooden mediums of different dimensions, depending on the task. Classes are organized so the first skill you’ll learn is low relief, then more advanced ornaments and more emphasized reliefs. First of all you need to envision a drawing, then apply it to a wooden surface and learn how to carve, get rid of the excess material, etc.

Along with all of those practical practices, the beginners will acquire the basic theoretical information about each segment and there are six segments overall. Each segment takes a month or four lessons to learn. After each segment you will have a practical assignment, gradually from the easiest to the most difficult drawings. The segments are:

  1.       The basics characteristics and getting to know wood as a material. The direction of the surface treatment.
  2.       The differences between the soft and hard types of wood
  3.       The types, shapes, names and the differences between chisels. Supporting tools.
  4.       The drying of wood and the preparation for the work and sharpening of the chisels.
  5.       Styles and drawings and practical examples.
  6.       Final treatment and protective varnishes

Everything will be adjusted to the individual needs of each attendant, and we will not insist on the speed of work, and we will form small groups for work. No previous knowledge is needed.

Each lesson lasts two hours.

All of the material and equipment will be provided to you.

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10.000 RSD

Material provided

The participants were provided with all the necessary basic materials and accessories to work with. The monthly workshop is attended 4 times by 2 hours.

Nina Nikolić

She graduated from the School of Fine and Applied arts in 1999 in Belgrade as a graphic designer. From the year 2003 she started working more actively on lamp and furniture design. She got a lot of experience in her father’s workshop in Kragujevac from 1995 to 2005 especially in designing and making of wood carving of church ***. After her father’s death she took over his workshop and continued the family business of making church decorations from wood. She is a member of ULUPUDS (society of fine arts, applied arts and designers of Serbia in Belgrade) from 2008. She participated in many exhibits such as the May exhibit of ULUPUDS from 2009, the International fair of furniture and interior design in Belgrade in 2012 and 2013, the Belgrade design week in 2006, 2007 and 2009, as well as exhibits of lamps and light objects in Zagreb and Ljubljana. From 2010 she became a member of the Association of inventors and technical developments of Belgrade, because of her registered patent ‘Handbag’. In the end of 2010 she established a creative workshop for children and a wood carving workshop in Belgrade which is still working.

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